Boom in demand for friendly hackers as 5G approaches


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There are no friendly hackers. That is a fiction. As hackers they use the errors or forgotten safety features of software and IT equipment for their purposes , in this case a high income without really bringing merits, as equally intense as the other, the so-called black or bad hackers, who directly cash in from those errors. It is like taking the purse out of a woman’s handbag in the train or elevator etc. and then saying, no I didn’t want the money but I took it just only to show that woman that it is unsafe to carry the purse open on top of the things in the bag. Just only don’t touch the other one’s purse, damned, neither for theft nor for showing how unsafe that purse showing would be. The same for all kind of IT hacking, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ , just don’t touch or intrude into other’s IT structures and equipment!

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There are no friendly hackers. That is a fiction.

It's always interesting how often a poster on JT talks with complete confidence, while saying something that shows it's clearly unjustified confidence due to what they're saying being entirely wrong.

"Friendly hackers", known as white-hat hackers (as compared to nefarious hackers, known as black-hat) are hackers employed by companies/agencies to try to hack their systems to find security holes, before a black-hat hacker finds it. It's an industry that does exist, and in fact, pays a LOT of money:

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There are no friendly hackers. That is a fiction.

I guess that depends. Governments employ highly screened staff who's day job is to hack adversary government's IT systems and discover their secrets. Governments and many major corporations also hire similarly highly screened experts to find and exploit weaknesses in their own IT systems, sort of a cyber Red Flag exercise. Weaknesses are thus identified and fixed before an adversary government or criminal organization can exploit the weakness. For the government or corporation who employs them they are indeed white hats. To an adversary they are black hats. The FBI team that broke into Pirates Bay and figured out who was running it are indeed white hats.

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