Born from Japan disasters, Line app sets sights on U.S., China


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Line is a great application, I use it all the time. Simple and handy.

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I'm on Line,fun and easy to use.My friends and I use it all the time!

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I think Line is better than Tango or Viber. Nettalk app is great for making free calls to US phone numbers.

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Um, yeah, the promise of free communication... Like there was ever such a thing. How is this homebrewed app any different from Skype. How is it better. Is it better because they have squeezed in "games" and "social networking" in there? Seems bloated to me (took a look at it. Just as I thought, horrendous reviews and full of crap).

"...the Naver search engine in Japan..." Why can't Japanese comapnies never ever get seemingly English names right? Naver?! How the F is this supposed to be pronounced? With a long a or a short one? Since it's a search engine, I guess it's supposed to be connected to navigation so that would make it Naver with a short a. Having endured some Japanese so called English, however, I bet it's a (un)clever play on words, making it into ネイバー (neibaa) in Japanese and then seemingly being the same word as "neighbor", albeit with a different, "cool" spelling in English.

"Seems like somebody's got a case of the Mondays"

Maybe I should be grateful that they don't call themselves Naver Studios, though...

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this app posts the address book to the line server without asking its people of the list. im not pleased to be uploaded my address and phone number though there is no option if my friends or clients use this app. in short, this app has defict that is annoyance for not the line users.

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I prefer kakaotalk over line to keep in touch with everyone back home while im overseas. Im pushing that app back stateside

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