Bridgestone develops eco-friendly concept tire


Bridgestone Corp has developed a new "concept tire" that represents a new category of tire that is narrower and features a larger diameter than conventional tires. It was created as a new environmental technology to enable tires to help realize a sustainable society.

The large & narrow concept tire technology helps vehicles achieve improved fuel efficiency, thereby contributing to reductions in CO2 emissions. Moreover, the air pressure within these tires is higher than conventional tires, and the design includes new pattern technology and compounds designed specifically for use in these tires.

The new brand of innovative technology employed in the Large & Narrow concept tire enables it to realize significantly lower levels of rolling resistance and substantially higher levels of wet grip performance.

Possible applications include use of the technology in a new category of tires to be incorporated into Bridgestone's ECOPIA line of fuel-efficient tires. This new tire technology may be introduced as original equipment on next-generation automobiles or other vehicles.

The concept tire will be displayed at Bridgestone's booth at the 83rd International Motor Show - Salon de l'auto de Geneve to be held in Geneva starting March 5, 2013.

The development of the Large & Narrow concept tire is one of Bridgestone's initiatives to achieve the goal of "contribute to globally agreed target (50% reduction in CO2 emissions)" defined for the Group's efforts toward "reducing CO2 emissions" in its long-term environmental vision.

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Will it also reduce the sheer volume of noise from highways from tires??? Having been kept awake at night by nearby traffic makes me long for silent tires to go along with the eco treads.

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Ranger - I might sound like a smartass, but the noise you're hearing is mainly the windnoise, not the tyre rolling noise. And no, it won't get any better. You need either double (triple) paned windows, or a better location

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Ebisen, appreciate that it might be wind noise, and it is probably both. Whichever, highways running straight through towns are too noisy! Fortunately, my proximity to the raised hwy was brief.

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The solution to quieter highways is to incorporate used tires into the asphalt. This is done in Arizona. The old tires are cut up into tiny bits and mixed with the asphalt. The rubberized asphalt is very quiet, offers better traction and lasts twice as long as conventional asphalt. Its a great solution to the problem of reusing old tires as well.

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Andre, Does that rubberized asphalt work well with wet roads and snow? As for the highway noise I think the engine noise is greater.

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