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Browsing in incognito mode doesn't protect you as much as you might think


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Still better than using non-private using Edge browser.

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Incognito mode provides a false sense of security that doesn't actually exist. THAT is usually worse than not having the mode at all, because people will be more cautious on the internet if they don't believe they have any protections.

Not enough security is usually worse than fake security.

Be careful out there. If you login into the same remote server/account using the same userid, you've just broken your "incognito" connection. Also, if you post comments, there have been automated tools that recognize your phraseology and can search for other accounts using the same style - again, breaking your "incognito" connection.

If you want to be anonymous on the internet,

use a full VPN,

use a fresh account on the computer (actually a completely different OS load each time would be better),

never post comments or fill out surveys,

never log into any online account that has ever been used before, from outside the VPN or from a computer you've used previously that hasn't been wiped first,

always use a new VPN connection, not the same one from yesterday. Some VPNs claim to delete all logs, but they don't do this until you disconnect for at least a few minutes. Of course, some VPNs that claim to delete all logs have been found NOT doing it. Only believe the VPN providers who have stood up to govt requests for logs and were not able to provide any. To my knowledge, there are about 4 VPN companies that pass that test.

When picking a VPN, the jurisdiction for the VPN servers matter, not just the company headquarters or how honest the owners are. If you cannot figure out the main 3 people controlling a VPN company, then run away. Follow the company that owns the company that owns the company. These companies are bought and sold all the time. Companies that used to have great reputations have been bought by other companies with less-than-great security or in jurisdictions that nobody using a VPN should trust.

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BTW, security is hard. Privacy is much harder. Both are important.

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Of course it's only an illusion, additionally a bit hyped by a few businesses that want to sell their tools. But in fact there's no security or privacy, and in the very most cases it's luckily also working without it or unnecessary, because it's useless. Governments, professional hackers and skilled OSINT hobbyists have access to anything if wanted or needed.

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I use DuckDuckGo quite a lot, but also TOR and I have a VPN, I seldom get pop up's, if ever, and the pages that come up are devoid of all ads. But this does mean I am totally safe online, but it does help.

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