Bug-repellant clothing being developed for sale by March 2024


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the "cutting-edge technology" developed by the company

LL Bean has been selling insect-repellent clothing for almost two decades.

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How much of these chemicals would be getting on to human skin and into the environment?

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And what is the material the textile is made from and how easily recycled is it, especially when impregnated with "chemicals"? We already have mountains of clothes from fast fashion producing effluent and microplastics.

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How long does the repellent last in the pores? The durability of the fabric would not matter much if the chemical is washed away soon.

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As atheist I am not praying but honestly hoping a few years later not found out the invention itself is more harmful to human health than traditional care and protection. Also, is the process to make insect repellent fabric harmful to environmental&health?

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