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Buzz grows on 'flying cars' ahead of major tech show


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Flying cars are a long way from being the norm, anywhere. And I think Japan is even further away from having them than anywhere else in the modern world. There will be so much red tape and stringent requirements to fly them, only a handful of people will get that chance here.

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Seriously why is Google even attempting this? Their Google translate is pathetic, Google Glass failed, their company stalks everything you do, so how will a oversized drone 'car' be even sold by them?

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Other companies I welcome, but weary of Google..

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No it won't.  Imagine the carnage if "flying cars" ever become more than a niche market for rich properly licensed "pilots".

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so how will a oversized drone 'car' be even sold by them?

They already sell millions of Google-enabled smart devices like the Google Home and Mini, Nest security, Chromecast-compatible devices, Android software in cars, etc. just like Amazon and Alexa - I'd imagine they'd try to tie into that ecosystem

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While one person with a flying car may be amazing, 500 people in a city darting about in flying cars could bode airborne mayhem.

Or they could "swarm", so yes there is a future, also Gill Pratt is releasing the Guardian & Chauffeur on the P4 platform (TRI.GLOBAL), on the opening day of CES!

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It’ll never work, people can’t even merge on the 405 FWY properly, how can they make flying cars work without constant midair collisions.

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Unless they are a lot quieter than helicopters, they will be very antisocial indeed flying across cities. And where's all the energy coming from to recharge them?

Remember the jet-pack at the '84 LA Olympics? These are almost as impractical for day to day use, imho.

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