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Can Twitter change its 'core' and remain Twitter?


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Can someone tell me what 'on divisive' means?

They probably forgot a word in there, like "on divisive issues such as"

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Russian agents weren't so much running political ads for or against candidates but rather social ads on divisive such as gun control and immigration.

Can someone tell me what 'on divisive' means?

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@Jack is unwilling to face the fundamental problem with Twitter - his management of the company. Accounts of small-time users might be subject to Twitter's terms of service, but if you have a sufficiently large following you can threaten people with violence, abuse, and encourage your followers to do the same without consequence. The right-wingers pretend that Twitter occasionally deleting a few Russian Twitter bots counts as censorship of the right, obscuring the abuse that actual right-wingers do on the platform without consequences. In fact, the big abusers get blue checks next to their names, indicating some degree of company support for their account.

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This whole exercise is pointless. Regulating speech and "bad" contents will be the end of Twitter. Instead of focusing on innovation and creating a good product, Jackass decided to focused on regulating speech and perceived "bad" contents. Look in your timeline, how many Nazi posts do you see? I see none. The perceived "bad" contents are tiny. The problem isn't perceived "bad" content, the real problem is the fake and manufactured moral panic. Again, look in your timeline and see how many Nazi posts are on there.

If Jackass wants to save his company, shut it down or let the users deals with the contents as they see fits.


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Decentralized versions of Twitter and Facebook are already being developed, and the kinks are being worked out. One will offer a free platform where anyone can express their ideas and there will be no risk of years of posts suddenly being deleted. One will offer a platform that presents one half of the political spectrum and can delete accounts at will. Guess which will win?

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like Twitter , Facebook also does not prohibit abuse against animals

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Someone I know will worry because he won't be able to tweet all about the "fake news" if the 'core' will change. Guess who?

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