Can't remember your password? Here are 2 new ways to log in


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If you have 10 accounts,choose a theme and give passwords related to that theme, to all those accounts.Also add a portion of the corresponding website as a part of your passwords.

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Also, use 2-step authentication.

The best password is "whatzmypassword?"

Thought it was "incorrect" so that whenever you don't remember and enter the wrong password, the computer would tell you "The password is incorrect"

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Been logging in via fingerprint since windows XP, always been there, hardware was from MS as well, just calling it "new" as to sell more OS's and because it's the new thing (thanks to apple)

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The best password is "whatzmypassword?"

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@M3M3M3 "I keep a little notebook full of passwords next to my PC."

I keep a similar list but it is carried with me at all times in case I need to do things while out and in case my home is destroyed by a disaster. I also code the list of sites to make it harder for any thief to guess what the passwords are for. For instance, rather than list the name of the shopping site Dinos, I might use "Dean Martin", or even "Frank's Pal" (as in Frank Sinatra) which will trigger my memory but hopefully be obscure to someone else. And I change the passwords from time to time and I keep a copy of the list in a safe place.

I do have a Yahoo (USA) account, but I believe I read elsewhere that Yahoo will only send the text messages to US phone accounts? If that is true then I wouldn't be able to use this new system anyway.

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“The truth is that passwords are so incredibly, ridiculously broken that it is almost impossible to keep users safe as long as we have any,” Stamos wrote

Worst, multi-layer and temp password are vulnerable? These experts talk as if security is a tissue thin protection and the baddies are using pressure washers getting through them. And they have known of this illusion of security since, 2002? And there's a kernel program that reports to a foreign government, a manufacturing cartel and attaches to the NSA? And Martians are reading Japan Today?! Where's the 'Data Vampire Baby' photo?

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“The password today,” he said, “is more of a liability than any kind of security measure.”

This is a stupid comment. If it's a liability, then why even use passwords?

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I keep a little notebook full of passwords next to my PC

I do the same. I also use LastPass. The nice thing about the latter is that it won't offer a password if I visit a spoof site, so it adds an extra layer of security. I do hope that biometric passwords become the norm - though they have their drawbacks as well.

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I keep a little notebook full of passwords next to my PC.

I made something to help with making the little notebook of passwords and the passwords themselves more secure. Read: I admit, though, that app is not the most easy concept to get but we're working on a more user-friendly version.

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I once worked in a building that required arrivals to type in a 4-number code that changed daily. The system was to use the previous day's date. So if you went to work on New Year's Day, you would enter 1-2-3-1, and the next day. 0-1-0-1 and so on. No memory required. Possibly easy to crack however.

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I keep a little notebook full of passwords next to my PC. It allows me to keep a different and more complex (hopefully safer) password for every site without the need to remember them all. So far, my notebook has never been hacked.

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