Celebrity hack puts focus on Internet 'cloud'


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We should be wary this kind of incidents.

I work hard to read newspapers and news of IT crime.

Through media, we should gain a knowledge to protect ourselves or families from hackers.

To gain updated news defend you from tragedy.

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If I had children I would tell them never ever make a sex tape or take nude pics with a smart phone. It can get out there. Don't put too much faith in technology in protecting you because there are too many people out there trying to beat technology.

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The problem is apple and their lame attempt at security.

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Passwords was not stolen, they were guessed because the owners were using so week passwords. Its not apple's security problem. But some people believe whatever they serve them and reproduce it also.

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zichi: That is apple problem, they don't mitigate brute force logins, you can send 1 million login attempts to any account and apple doesn't even tell the user someone is trying to hack your accounts. So simple to lock an account after 30 attempts within 60 seconds, but nope apple doesn't give a hoot.

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A fundamental point that folks need to keep in mind with Cloud technologies is that you are trusting another entity to store and safeguard your data. Whether it be grandma's cookie recipe or yes even naked photos. As much as possible folks should keep personal items on their own systems. If it leaves a machine that is not under your control then you run the risk of your data being compromised.

Like it or not if you deposit money in a bank you are trusting that bank to safeguard your money. Perhaps if cloud storage had an insurance system that compensated you for your loss it may be an option but in the case of banks the FDIC is a government created entity that insures the amount of money you put in up to 150K or 250K.

But even that is a stretch to far and I don't want the government getting into insuring what "personal" data means to its citizens.

Bottom line is that with companies that offer cloud storage, there is no insurance (or assurance for that matter) if your data is lost or stolen.

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I use the "cloud" as little as possible! Sometimes, the old school way of doing things is better.

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Anyone putting sensitive data in 'the cloud' is a fool.

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