Cell phone game mocks 'drowsy' ex-finance minister


Japanese who watched footage of their former finance minister slur his words and appear to nod off at a Group of Seven press conference can now try to keep him awake in a new cell phone game. Shoichi Nakagawa -- who resigned last week blaming cough medicine and jet lag rather than alcohol for his drowsy performance in Rome -- has become the latest target of the Internet game industry.

In the new phone game called "Drowsy Presser by Drugged Minister," players can wake a likeness of Nakagawa as he fields questions at a press conference, or allow him to sneak in short naps to build up his energy levels.

Players gain points if they boost Nakagawa's "support rating" by having him answer journalists' questions, but it's game over if the minister sleeps while he is asked a question, and the game ends with him falling off his chair.

The game from LiveWare Inc can be downloaded for 52 yen on to the Internet-enabled handsets of three major Japanese carriers.

"We were seeking to produce a new type of game, featuring news topics," said Evan Kojima, a manager at LiveWare Inc. "The news of the press conference emerged with a great impact when we were trying to come up with an idea."

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Seems good business idea and hope govt will not ban it !

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ahhh well no more politics money, but he can sue the company and make some nice ferrari money.

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Good to see a bit of humor like this.

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I still can't forget his drowsy face mumbling at the press while doing the game.

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hahaha. this is cool

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this sounds like the flash game somebody came up with with the bush shoe thrower. I beleive it was.

good to know people are on the ball.

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This sounds hilarious!

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