Censorship tool built as Facebook eyes China: report


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Facebook would do better to censor fake news stories rather than censor real ones.

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Facebook should invest in anti-censorship technology instead of pandering to the unelected Chinese dictators. "Profits before principles", should be the Facebook motto.

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Good god

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Total sell out . Big brother wins again. Nice work.

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FB has already proved to be one of the greatest social control tools ever. Are we surprised?

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Vote with your feet. Just close your FB account, and tell your friends why you're doing it. It might catch on enough to either make FB rethink their policy, or cause the whole thing to implode in a chain reaction. I've never had an FB account and live quite easily without it.

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Big Brother wins again. People lose.

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Zuckerberg and his fb are like the east German stazi

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Free speech? Ha! What's this ludicrous babble you're talking about?

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You don't have a Facebook account? What about family and friends, I'm sure that they have one?

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Facebook is ALL about censorship, not only in CHINA, but WW, they decide (for you) which is post is meaningful or not with their "TOP stories" filtering all the time, they even tried the psychological studies by not showing friends post to users to check how they will react emotionally, not to say that you can't even read back your past friend post except the few last 10 or so if you switch your news-feed to "Most recent" thanks to their pimp-like recruitment system "add more friends if you want to read more of your friends"...FB used to be a good SNS (for users) 5/10 years ago but certainly not anymore.

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