CERN eyes new giant particle collider


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God forbid they use this money for childhood immunizations or world hunger. Building another one of these things just for the sake of "knowledge" seems short-sighted.

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This was originally to have been built in Texas. To my never-ending shame, the first bush administration balked at the cost and it was built in Europe instead. I wish it had been built in America. (And it would be an excellent use of Texas...)

Arguments of cost and alternative uses of funds will always come up as they did for the Hubble and it's repair mission. But over the long term, countries that buckle down and invest in basic science are the ones that maintain an edge.

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If you follow high energy physics and the LHC, there's a fun book called Einstein's Bridge about us accidentally calling invaders from another dimension through high energy collisions. I recommend it.

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The CERN - which is by the way the nest of www - is most likely one of the highest international cooperation achievement. Thousands of top scientists from all around the world, financed by 10th of countries with no other boundaries than braking the unknown. Thumb up to all these clever politicians and brains to make it happen! Move forward!

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Maybe the new one causes the earth to flip into a parallel space. It could be an idea for a new sifi story or movie..

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Besides, this kind of research may well practical payoffs in terms of things like improvements to magnetic field control - important for magnetic confinement fusion (the "more" renewable kind) that we can predict. And others we can't predict yet, like observation of particle interactions that could allow shrinking of computer components beyond classical size limits or a door to manipulating the Higgs field (which would allow easier transportation).

That, and it takes DECADES to build these things which is why they need to start planning now.

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In 2012, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC)—a giant lab housed in a 27-kilometer tunnel straddling the French-Swiss border—identified what is believed to be the Higgs boson, the long-sought maker of mass theorised in the 1960s.

and to think the catholics thought they created Mass !!

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StormR, funny.

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