Charging ahead: Tesla teases big news on 'Battery Day'


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Affordable storage will really start shifting the paradigm from fossil fuels to renewables.

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He is so charismatic and attractive as a grown man! yummy! I am all for the Musk ;p

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If his last show was typical of what happens live, expect some exploding batteries.

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Musk is a charlatan. The PT Barnum of today.

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Took that charlatan to create from scratch the first truly viable (in terms of range at least - no offense to everyone's favorite brand Nissan (Leaf)) for the US market thereby pushing the non-charlatans in GM and Ford, BMW, etc., to get serious about EV. I see tons of the PT Barnum cars on the roads were I live.

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"Charging ahead" on battery day. Sigh.

Batteries have always been the major limit to the usefulness of electric vehicles. They take a long time to charge compared to filling a fuel tank, tend to have less range than equivalent jet fuel, gasoline or diesel powered vehicles and batteries just do not have the power density of a jet engine or some other thermal/chemical power sources for the highest performance applications, and by that I mean race cars/motorcycles, aircraft and submarines where battery electric drive comes nowhere close to the power of a nuclear reactor for the same weight and volume of propulsion machinery. I have been hearing for 30 years that a battery breakthrough was "right around the corner". Call me skeptical.

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