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ChatGPT cranks out gibberish for hours


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@Sven, you're saying that pre-trained transformers have been around since the 40's ?? What world do you live in?

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Ah. So it's me in the morning before coffee. Not the best time if accuracy and coherence are desired.

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I love ChatGPT!

It has increased my productivity by 10 fold! It's useless for moral issues as it has been programmed with a heavy bias, but for other things, it's a terrific assistant!

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After dealing with us stupid humans for a year or so, I imagine it needed a few strong drinks or whatever the digital equivalent is.

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Junk in junk out.

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Here is me thinking hat AI was going to take over the world and exterminate humans…

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Meh to me it's just growing pains. I mean chatgpt has only been out to the public for a little over a year and already it/AI has really become a hot topic conversation. Unlike @sven I feel that it just begun and it going into the "desk drawer" is very unlikely since the whole word is in an arms race to top each other in this new field. I suspect in 5 to 10 years people will not know how people got around without AI just like people now can almost not navigate the world without their smart phone.

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@Mat No. Where did I write that? Anyway, it's all based on decades old methods. So it is intrinsically destined to fail.

Junk in junk out.

@Redemption That's also not applicable here. The input data is ok and the algorithms work exactly as given to the machines. But they do not work properly as intended because they just cannot. That is intrinsic and mathematically simply impossible.

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I can blurt out gibberish for hours everyday without the help of AI, but no one takes any notice, I wonder why?

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There's a bunch of reasons for that this 'technology' has slept in the desk drawers for decades (btw already since the late 1940's) Look, it doesn't and won't work properly because it already mathematically intrinsic can not. Despite the admitted first glimpse fascination and current hype or bubble-like massive economical interests to promote it and making quite some big and fast dollars, be advised and told that it is a very wrong and useless path you will walk on for a while until recognizing the uselessness. I know that no one listens, so just prepare for for your own hurting learning process, with the mathematically very clear result that I predict, that it all lands again in the desk drawers for another few decades until the next people try to get lucky with those interesting and fascinating pieces of just worthless nothing.

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