Cheap and cheerful, Chinese phones outsmart Apple


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Are these Chinese phones knockoffs of the iPhone? If so, why isn't Apple as aggressive in filing tech lawsuits as they've been with Samsung.

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^ doesn't matter. It's a made in China product for Chinese

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405 of shipments

think that is suppose to be 40%

I would worry more about these guys apple than Samsung.

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Imagine if Chinese products could turn around like Japanese products did thirty years ago. What if Chinese electronics were considered world class quality and low price?

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^ simply impossible. If you ever worked with both sides, you would know the big difference in quality between Japanese and Chinese products. Nowadays Japanese-branded products are not as good as they used to be, b/c most of the (menial) manufacturing is planted in China.

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China is not about quality but about quantity. They have very poor QA personnel not to mention most of the knock offs they try to produce and when failed, they try to bury the evidence. Like their automobiles, trains and electronics. They are just good at making toys. Leave real engineering to the rest of the world.

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gaijinfoAug. 17, 2012 - 11:12AM JST

Imagine if Chinese products could turn around like Japanese products did thirty years ago. What if Chinese electronics were considered world class quality and low price?

They cant. As the article stated, the average Chinese person earns next to nothing, so to meet domestic demand, they need large quantities of cheap goods that are by nature lower quality. China NEEDS an 8% growth rate to prevent collapse (stagflation many times worse than Japan saw in the 90s), and with the global economy driving down exports, they have to rely on the domestic market they had been ignoring. Taiwan has already made world class goods at cheaper prices, but it is not China and those goods rarely even dent mainland markets.

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Poorly made Chinese products of any kind will eventually go through a quality revolution. Presently, those products whether electronic or otherwise will have to catch up with global competition. It is foolish to think otherwise. Consider the population of China. Those who have money make up quite a number of people even though the percentage is small.

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Go China Go!!

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Have anyone wandered if the Chinese government decided to "increase" wages and taxes in China?

With much of the "lower priced" goods being produced in China, an increase in factory prices of any product made there by 10% would easily translate to about a 50% increase in retail prices all over the world. For now they have not done that, since they need the money that the exports bring in to China. But, when they have most of the major manufacturers and their factories located in China and are able to produce them, the Chinese government may just do that.

So what will happen to the world economy?

China can literally "starve" the rest of the world.

All the money gotten from their exports are being used to buy up natural resources and most important, major sources of "water" throughout the world. They give "credit" to countries that need food and supplies, making those countries more "dependent" on China.

So with the telephones.... what is happening....?

Can you guess?

Controlling "communication" is one of the keys to "dominance".

Just as controlling "transportation"... or controlling military arms lead to "dominance".

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Increase wage and tax, then they can say goodbye to foreign investment. World's economy will be hurt of course, but will quickly recover. China becomes what it is today due to cheap slave labor, but other countries offer cheap labor as well.

Before they can "starve" the world, they have to cure their own people from starving, poor health, poor living conditions; make Tibetan happy; sell all the vacant apartments in their newly built modern cities etc ... Their bubble is gonna burst if you ask me.

In shorts, it's China that needs the rest of the world, not the other way around.

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Isn't Apple iPhone also a Chinese phone? Sure have seen lots of articles about Apple's Chinese factories & research facilities. Maybe the article title should be "Chinese phones made by Chinese companies outsmart Chinese phones made by Apple."

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This News is a propogenda for Chinese Mobiles or u can say Marketing strategy. Its still in its premature state...

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When Apple, Sony xPeria and other multinational "branded" companies shipped-out their finished phones from their Chinese manufacturing sites, the real costs (without having to add profit yet) is only about US$65 to US$70 per piece. These phones are high-end which have so many features.

So if you are a manufacturer or mobile phone in China producing the same features and quality of those iPhones and XPeria phones, it is very easy to sell them to the local (within China) of just doubling the production cost of US$65 to US$70,... which is about 130 to 140 US$ per piece.

The bloated prices of iPhones and other branded phones are the results of the greedy margin imposed by the CEO's and stock holders based in the USA, Japan etc.

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in the early 60´s when I was still a young kid. I recalled watching Bob Hope´s tv show. He was holding up some sort of toy or device which appeared to be cool ', then he turned over the thing and said............ made in Japan ' and the audience laughed. It was an insulting kind of lauhter if you get the drift. AND what happened in the late 70´s onward to Japanese imports ? Hope you all who´s belittle China' s effort get the drift.

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I think at some point apple like facebook will do a face-plant!

As for China & its economy & future.......that will be hard for the commies to continue to control, my bet is it gets outta hand at some point & get down right nasty!

Like blackrock said china needs th world more than the world needs China

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