China’s Huawei debuts latest version of folding phone


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In both those photos you can see the dimple created in the screen at the edges where the fold is. It literally looks like a early stage prototype.

I'm sure bending screens have their uses but this is not it. And the price is a joke, surely. At that level the options one has would rule this device out 100% for all but 'Youtubers' trying to show off their disposable income levels or Huawei paid reviewers using it as a showpiece to sell more of their cheaper CCP spy phones.

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I would buy one just to despise Trump

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I just don't get foldable phones, far too much hype and very little benefit, weak screen and moving parts on a device that will be used many times a day is a huge step back! They will not last

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Too small for a tablet. Too large for a phone.

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I would buy one if Sony release one cuz you know, Japanese electronics are the best!

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Sorry, I cant see the point. Looks like its going to break in a week of use.

Can the tech boffins shine some light on any advantages?

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Can the tech boffins shine some light on any advantages?

More screen area on a smaller device I suppose.

I'm no into the folding phones myself.

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 Japanese electronics are the best!

Maybe in 1985. Certainly not today. Especially when it comes to handsets.

Can the tech boffins shine some light on any advantages.

Obvious isn't it? You get double the screen size from nearly the same footprint.

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Great phones for the price, but the US has banned them from using any Google apps, including maps, YouTube, gmail etc. The US position is that they are the only ones allowed to spy on smartphones. The ban won't change much in the long run, of course, but it will slow down Huawei sales for sure.

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It's probably really hard to see "the point" of these phones until you have one in your hands. Same with most tech I think.

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JeffLeeToday  06:20 am JST

* "*Japanese electronics are the best!"

Maybe in 1985. Certainly not today. Especially when it comes to handsets.

The Sony Xperia 1II is as good as phones get.

Japanese companies still release the best products, some of those which Chinese and Korean brands don't (can't) even compete at all, ie: game consoles, toy robots and prosumer cameras.

Another product that Japanese companies like Comtec (founded in 1985 no less) make which China can't even compete is vehicle drive recorders. These are hands down the best out there and everyone tries to copy them using cheap, shoddy components and materials to sell at half the price, and half the reliability/useability.

Your view is skewed because Japanese companies largely left the low end of the market to others producing cheaper and less reliable products which came in and flooded the void. The fact that your local discount electronics outlet only sells those brands doesn't mean Japanese companies can't compete at the middle or high end.

This "Japan makes mediocre electronics nowadays" mantra is just spammed ad nauseum on the internet to make someone who spent $1200 on a Samsung that's now getting repaired or replaced feel better. Youtube comments can shed a lot of light on this.

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Thank you boffins...

the screen looks like it doesn’t fold completely flat so you would be watching a curved surface ... I’d hate that....

Don’t think it would last long in my clumsy hands either.

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