China's Tencent turns to facial recognition to snag late-night child gamers


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Literal Big Brother.

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Does anyone really believe that catching late night video gaming kids are the real reason for rolling it out?

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Laughable. What an obvious ruse, disguised as ‘monitoring child’s play’ to protect ‘*the youth*s’.

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Full surveillance state; with Chinese characteristics.

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My godson who's suppose to be at university spends all of his time video gaming. A major problem and what to do to change him?

If he's good at it or has a personality that can draw people in, it's possible to make a living from it. He could go the route of pro-gamer or streamer, virtual or otherwise.

I guess it could depend on how "addicted" he is, but gaming is fun and if I could make a living off it, I definitely would try myself lol.

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Why try to stop gaming addiction? There are already too many people in the world. It's good that some people have chosen to waste their days alone in their bedroom in a virtual reality. It means the rest of us have less competition, and more space, to enjoy things in actual reality.

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I guess the parents can't be bothered. Tell you what if your kid has a problem with an LCD screen addiction, give him/her/them/it three warnings then smash the screen with a hammer.

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What is the point here? Would you like it more, if those kids are gang members and shooting around like in Chicago, serve as illegal drug transporters and dealers like in Central or South America, or just grab a gun and kill emotionless whole villages shouting Allah Akbar as children soldiers like happening in Africa? Don’t hesitate, tell me what you dislike with kids starring on phone screens…

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The government might as well be their parent

No so long now until it actually is

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