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China adds science lab to its orbiting space station


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Not mentioned in this article but this is another Long March 5B launch with uncontrolled reentry... who knows there the 21 ton rocket will crash.

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No China fan, but science knows no boundaries. Here's hoping for success.

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The US is sending some dummies to orbit the moon,this fall as a dress rehearsal for a lunar landing mission

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Crash and Burn Viewing Party canceled due to rain.

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When I read "China & Science Lab" I get concerned. But in Space? Very concerned. What are they up to this time?

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The best thing that happened to China was to get itself booted out of the international space program by the Americans. It only fueled their passion for R&D. Fast forward to the 2020s and they now have their own space station. Foreign institutes have submitted proposals for joint research with China. I think Italy is one such country, but some were submiited by US institutes. Guess whether they were successful in their application?

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Oh dear... reminds me of that US TV Series "Space Force"


Now, is this where reality is heading ?

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China moving forward, as always..

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Crash and Burn Viewing Party at 10pm tonight.

Free food and drink.

Bring the wife and kids.

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Good work China PLA. I hope the booster stage lands safely in Beijing.

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