China court orders Apple to pay in rights dispute


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Violating copyrights. . . . . .( not to mention patents and marketing fake Name Brands) !!!!! --------. WHO could write a manual on that one ?????? .....................MMMMMMMMMMMMM . . .Let me guess !!! ``` >;{

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If Apple has to pay $165,000 in this unlicensed copies case, how much would Chinese companies have to pay for all the unlicensed copies of stuff they've sold? $165,000,000,000?

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@ Serrano

" If Apple has to pay $165,000 in this unlicensed copies case, how much would Chinese companies have to pay for all the unlicensed copies of stuff they've sold? $165,000,000,000?" And how much would Japan have to pay for unlicensed copies of stuff they've sold after WWII? $165,000,000,000,000,000?

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Chinese courts upholding Intellectual Property rights.....holly molly...did I read that right?

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What a laugh. Some shameless **** right here folks. Anyone remember when dozens of fake Apple stores were discovered in communist china? That's right, fake stores selling fake products all under a fake a Apple sign.

Of course in that case "the shops have been told to stop using the logos as Chinese laws prohibit copying the "look and feel" of another company without permission." No fines, no punishments, just a polite request to stop ripping off one of the most recognizable trademarked logos on earth.

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That sum is nothing for Apple. Probably the application sold in the store was Chinese.

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Apple needs to do a better job of allowing people to file a intellectual material complaint then have the proper mechanisms in place to look into it and correct any wrong-doing. -A wake up call for Apple and others. Companies like Apple need to be responsible and held responsible if artists sell their work there.

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All while basic human rights are violated by CCP dictate. Ever heat of the Tibetan monk immolations etc? Who ("Hu") gets fined in what court for that? The devil tempted Eve with an apple; here the devil/CCP tries to bite from the apple-and deserves permanent banishment from our lovely "Eden" as well.

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I guess China is trying to get some petty cash not from their reserve from that they think they are more absolute of to PAY the damages and fines that they have to pay to the J companies who were smouldered and inhumanized during their last immature boycott in retaliation to the nationalization of the senkakus. lol funny.!

Consficius,..where are you?

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If I were Apple I would say thank you and pay up pronto with a big smile. Apple makes no hardware and exists by virtue of its sales of intellectual property rights. The more intellectual property rights are respected and enforced, the better for Apple and many other US companies.

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Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Any china court making any claim about intellectual property anything is hilarious!

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RedcliffDec. 29, 2012 - 09:20AM JST

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