China crackdown cuts Big Tech down to size

By Dan Martin

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One wonders how many more enemies Xi Jinping can create before the rest of the CCP decides they have had enough of him? How many Chinese entrepeneurs will be deterred by Xi's move? How many investors will decide China is just too unpredictable a place to do business in and go elsewhere? Xi seems to be single handedly turning China's friends and supporters against them.

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In China, the government controls the oligarchs. In the US, the oligarchs control the government.

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The Chinese government propped these companies up in the first place

From banning foreign competitors, to essentially state-funding by granting them exclusive government projects, to pretty much letting them do whatever they want (bribing, stealing/copying others' patent technologies, violating consumer protection rights, etc.)

And now the Chinese government is complaining of monsters that it had a hand in creating

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Tech breaks down borders and empowers individuals at the expense of governments. Now, the Empire is Striking Back, globally.

The tech giants will never negatively impact upon your life to anything like the extent that your government will.

Consider the three worst things that GAFA can do to you. Then consider the three worst things that your government can do to you.

GAFA are, at worst, greedy and arrogant. The people you need to worry about and who will mess with your life whenever it suits them, are your own government, now busily 'taking back control' of you.

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