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China finally gets official PlayStations, minus some games


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Can't be good for anyone that likes their games uncensored.

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Only four games available. That's meagre! The CCP has their iron fist over everything in China!

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Only four PlayStation 4 titles were available at Sony’s flagship Shanghai store on Friday: fantasy adventure “Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends”, motorcycle racing game “Trials Fusion” and youth-oriented “Knack” and “Rayman Legends”.

Soon to come: Centipede, Asteroid, Frogger, and Galaga.

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and those are lame games

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It's China don't expect normale policies... And they wonder why all the young people prefer Japan... Instead of whining about that, they should legalize games etc. And set up something similar to the anime industry maybe? Oh well guess I do like them for cheap cosplays and electronics... Like their better than real Xbox 360 wirrewless receiver for 50 cents and their android game handhelds (emulators!!)... So they do have something which makes them kind of cool I guess...

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True Gamers=Xbox, where the fun is.

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When Xbox launched in China last year, it only had these games too:

Forza 5 PowerStar Golf Zoo Tycoon Max: The Curse of Brotherhood NeverWinter Rayman Legends Trials Fusion Naughty Kitties (Chinese exclusive) Fantasia: Music Evolved? or Dance Central: Spotlight Kinect Sports Rivals
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Never mind, aren't there only about 5 games available for PS Vita anyway? With total sales in China for PSV, we can expect the customer base of these devices to double to about 6 people, worldwide.

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“Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends”, motorcycle racing game “Trials Fusion” and youth-oriented “Knack” and “Rayman Legends”.

ouchhhhhh that's rough, I guess Dynasty Warriors is about to take over China

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