China iPhone sales surge, but can Apple protect its apps?


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Haha - welcome to wild west (China, as seen from California). Law?! Order?! Huh?!

Not that I am protecting Apple in any way? Giving a completely dumbed down locked device to a smart user is like challenging them to jailbreak them. Only dumb users would not do this to a smartphone:

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JT, thank you for your continuing focus on Apple and the iPhone. I believe you are correctly reading your primary visitors as per which device they are using (plus have a way of seeing the visits from different platforms in your stats).

There doesn't seem to be much substance to this pan-banging from people like "Ebisen" who demand "unlocked" devices. It runs contrary to why the iPhone continues to be a runaway success. Most people want something they just "use" and not have to constantly to fiddle with.

You want your phone to be a functional device, not another puzzle or game to be figuring out. After all, if you want a game, they are just $.99 on the App Store. Let the phone be whatever the Apple design experts decide, then either buy it or don't.

But please put down your noisy pan. It's getting really monotonous, guys!

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Copyright issue is on a high priority list in China. Not because a company like Apple but all the local business. Chinese people are buying more and more legal products in recent 10 years. It takes time for "all the Chinese" to do this. This article is very biased. Intended to make china looking bad, intended to ignore the efforts Chinese are trying.

and yes, china is like that. maybe forever. Satisfied?

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Let the phone be whatever the Apple design experts decide, then either buy it or don't

You are of course aware that the iPhone was designed by Apple's "experts" not to be as functional as possible, but as profitable for Apple as possible (at the expense of the paying zombie - ahem... user)...

The same as an Android device (by default with Google's software on it) is basically designed (and destined) to show as many adds as possible (add supported apps. add flashing Play, etc).

Rooting of Jailbreaking gives us the freedom to get rid of the controls imposed on our devices...

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