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China lays claim to fastest supercomputer title


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And the real world relevance is......?

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Wondering what they are used for in PRC. Hacking the email accounts of human rights activists probably.

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I would get that reading measured by an independent authority outside of China before claiming it to be truth. The Chinese government has a little bit of a reputation for distorting facts and there is a well-documented culture of cheating and copying in all aspects of life there.

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The super computer was co-developed with Nvidia(PRC funding, Nvidia technology) utilizing their GPU and Cuda technology. Nvidia made a separate announcement about this achievement so I believe it is legit.

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Parts made in U.S.A. Assembled in China...

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Maybe it can be used for diplomatic relations.

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Even a potato chips maker named Pringles uses supercomputers to put those fragile chips in one piece in the package.

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There is a distributed computing system that beats 2.5 petaflops already using PCs and Playstations. Google "folding@home" and click the wikipedia link.

" On February 18, 2009, Folding@home achieved a performance level of just above 5 petaFLOPS, thereby becoming the first computing system of any kind to surpass 5 native PFLOPS"

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