China maintains reign over world supercomputer rankings: survey

By WANG Zhao

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The U.S. led with 169 systems to China's 160 just six months ago, but its performance fell while China's improved in a "reversal of fortunes"

It's easy to "reverse your fortune" when you constantly steal other people's work. Not impressed.

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It's easy to "reverse your fortune" when you constantly steal other people's work. Not impressed.

Evidence, please.

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From whom is China stealing from if no other entities can best the Chinese performance? I am not trying to be argumentative, I want to be enlightened.

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China does not need to steal, not anymore. They have what most of the "civilized" world does not - immense human power (along with India). Even if you go automatize everything, you would be called a madman for trying to rise the birth rate in your country in any direct, but effective, way. Which will be soon needed in most non-asian non-african countries. So whatever that "advanced" western society thinks of itself, however low and uncivilized Chinese society is, the game is as it goes: China 2:1 The rest.

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Can someone tell me how many things China invented in the last 100 years? In area of chemistry, medicine, electronics or automation? How many Nobel prize winners do they have (except those dissidents in exile)?

The answer is almost nothing. They copy foreign inventions and improve on them, something that Japan was doing in 50's , 60's and 70's.

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No wonder that most of the bitcoin farmers are based in China...

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It has been my understanding that the tech that has been stolen has not worked for the Chinese. They have struggled to purchase the companies that have the technical know how to make the tech work.

Instead they have cobbled together video processors GPU into massive parallel arrays that do indeed work as super computers but since this is a new things they are still working on making these practical. Its still more effective for them to steal thru espionage than develop their own working design.

All that being said people familiar with the super computers see these massive parallel GPUs as a step toward a working design that will eventually pay off.

At the moment they are probably mostly used for cyber warfare and espionage. A waste but vitally necessary in a world diligently working toward a state of war.

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