China orders stepped-up scrutiny on Apple


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Apple is in the wars everyewhere it seems. this is blatant attempt by Chinese state to undermine Apple and promote local companies.

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The only reason why people want to do business with China is cuz of their ridiculously large population. Nothing more. Doing business with the chinese is like doing business with the mafia... or North Korea. Nothing good will come out of it.

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EastAsiaForeigner Forgets the discrimination the Chinese companies suffer elsewhere. Never heard of the word retaliation? Remember the war on solar panels, tires, telecommunication equipment etc

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Pull back, produce products in America, thereby employing American workers and get the hell out of China. Let them sift through the ashes on their own.

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Thank you for clarifying that the negative spin is based on reasons other than the ones officially stated.

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It's not that weird, the richest companies always get attacked by big government since there's a lot of money to be had and also probably since no one gets that much money by being mother theresa so to speak. In this case maybe the 1bln chinese are seen as a market better served by national companies as well, who knows ...

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