China overtakes U.S. as top smartphone market: study


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And just think of how many of those phones are copies. Fake prevails in China.

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Why is this news?

China's population: 1,339,724,852

US population: 312,664,000

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Gosh darnit! Mabodofu you beat me to the same comment about the fake copies of Apple? etc..??

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There are NO fake copies of anything... Apple wants to have their products built in China with Samsung parts... it is just a matter of time when another company comes along and builds a better mouse trap.... Cars are another perfect example... the market is GLOBAL... and that's the way it is

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I just watched a newscast on this topic. They showed the iPhone nest to the Chinese copy. They look the same, and even the logos are very similar. The Chinese logo looks like a tangerine with a stem/leaf at the top.

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Haha, those iPod/iPhone copies have different connections though. People who take them outside China then lose the cables, they find out they can't find those cables anywhere. Suffice to say they can't use those iPod/iPhone accessories neither.

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アメリ フセイン *Why is this news?

China's population: 1,339,724,852

US population: 312,664,000*

Exactly! Big surprise.

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