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China starts up world's first fourth-generation nuclear reactor

By Colleen Howe

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Along with this announcement, the China State Shipping Corporation has received class certification to construct a Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor powered container ship.

You might like China but they are putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak.


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China on Tuesday revealed the design of the world's largest nuclear-powered container ship, media reported. They’re building a fleet of near zero emission ships.

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Go China, to the top of the world!!!...

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Interesting. China's record on safety is not the best to put it politely. Lets see how these new nuclear builds hold up for the first few years before we hail them a success.

They will hide any faults found, as that is the Chinese way. So it will be hard to independently assess these designs.

Even China sometimes has the odds in its favor. They have not had many "world firsts" technologically speaking when compared the the tech power houses in America and Europe. About time China did something on its own.

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It is nice to see China doing something to help slow climate change and not another story about greenhouse gas emissions they promised to end or building another 20 coal power plants.

Go China ... for peaceful projects that don't harm others.

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Regardless of what folks say, China is not exactly transparent (honest)) with it’s energy programs.

and molten salt nuclear container ship? That will be interesting. I’m sure the goal isn’t to put these in Military vessels that might implode for whatever reason.

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Molten salt nuclear reactors and water don't mix. Seems like a bonehead idea. That's the one of the main reasons that water-cooled nuclear reactors became the standard around the world - the USN was behind the basic architecture and they were surrounded by oceans of water, literally.

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If it's good for China it's bad for the free world.

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