China tech stampede into electric cars sparks auto sector buzz

By Dan Martin

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New Audi concept electric car has video projector headlights and tail lights. They are clear enough to play video games on, and can project turn signals onto the road itself.

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Unfortunately 5G, smart phone technology, software and digitalization (still using faxes!) are areas where Japan is seriously behind.

This is why Toyota sided with Trump to try and stop this tectonic shift. Sorry guys, this train has already left the station.

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China? They can't even make decent kitchen appliances.


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@Boku Dayo well, none of the companies mentioned in the article can manufacture a decent, reliable car.

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China? They can't even make decent kitchen appliances.

Yes, they can't but they are the undisputed factory for the entire world, why so ?

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I can see a maze of extension cords running from the windows of apartments and condos all the way from the top floor down to parked electric cars. It's already that way with people recharging electric scooters in Shanghai. Now add electric cars to the mess.

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Yes, they can't but they are the undisputed factory for the entire world, why so ?


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Now if this could be reflected in investment for greener efficient sources of electricity this would be good news.

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*China -– the world's biggest and most rapidly electrifying auto market –- to lead the way into a post-pandemic future.*

This is media stoked sensationalism at its best.

Electric vehicles accounted for only 4.2% of GLOBAL light vehicle sales in 2020, with Norway, Iceland and Sweden are leading the charge, with plug-in electric vehicles accounting for 74.8%, 45% and 32.2% respectively. China trails all of them at a comparitively paltry 19.2%.

So no, China isn't leading the way in EV sales now, nor "post-pandemic" either.

Xiaomi, which has rapidly become one of the world's biggest smartphone suppliers, plans to invest $10 billion over the next decade in a smart EV subsidiary, and Huawei will invest $1 billion this year.

This is a fraction of what the established carmakers have spent already, and continue to invest. It's a start, of course, but this investment will end up as funding for stolen trade secrets and R&D.

Alibaba's autonomous driving unit AutoX has partnered with Japan's Honda to ramp up testing on Chinese roads.

Alibaba is adapting Honda's Level 3 autonomous driving technology to the Chinese market. That's all.

And tech giant Baidu said Monday its Apollo autonomous navigation system would be installed on one million vehicles over the next three to five years.

What they don't tell you is these "one million vehicles" are all short trip Hongqi HS3 taxis operating in closed circuits in residential areas with other traffic limited to 30km/h. They are simply passenger car versions of the self-driving buses they already have in operation in Sakai, Ibaraki-ken by Boldly Inc.

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A. They will build more coal factories to produce the electric so that people can run their extension cords from their apartments.

B. They already have and gaining even more ground in battery technology.

C. They control over 90% of the market for rare earth metals.

D. Anyone see a problem here?

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Regardless of cost I will never buy a Chinese made vehicle.

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They control over 90% of the market for rare earth metals.

An over hyped statistic. "Rare earth" metals are not rare and are available on every continent. China undercut everyone else on price and that caused mines in other countries to close down, unable to compete and remain profitable against lower Chinese prices. However if prices on these minerals rise there is no shortage of places from which they can be mined. There is an abundance of these minerals in the western US and in Australia.

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And a down vote for telling the truth.

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