Chinese 'gait recognition' tech IDs people by how they walk


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The Watrix has you.

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Those unelected Chinese dictators are up to no good, again. Maybe this can be defeated by wearing loose-fitting, long, flowing robes that conceal limb movement?

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More Big Brother

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Pretty chilling to hear them all speak with such enthusiasm for surveillance.

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I honestly wouldn't be surprised if in the near future they have copies of everyone's DNA where they can track and locate you every time you use a public washroom... I don't think even George Orwell could have envisioned this..

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It makes me think of usual suspects.

Thinking the machine will never be fooled is ...foolish.

If I need to adapt my walking style to save my identity , I will do it . It is called natural intelligence.

Good one about DNA and toilet : I will now piss in street corners lol

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"You don't need people's cooperation for us to be able to recognize their identity," Huang said in an interview in his Beijing office

Can tell that Huang didn't lose any sleep over potential infringements on the right to privacy, freedom of movement/from surveillance etc.

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George Orwell's 1984 vision is really happening

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Future upgrade: Attach a gun to the camera.. knowing the communists, that would be around the corner

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