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Chinese makers roll out wave of Apple watch lookalikes


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Busines ethics China style. Alibaba pay only lip service to the non-counterfeit issue (in my view). And Chinese manufactureres will rip anything off for a fast buck.

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Its a bad name,Alibaba and the 40 thieves in my mind stops me from considering anything on the site. Chinese knock off are always a bad idea, got tricked and stung once. Certainly wouldnt buy copy iWatch

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They'll probably work better than the ones made by Apple anyway.

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I've had a couple of Chinese knock-off watches that I bought for the hell of it on visits to China. One was a fake Rolex, the other I can't remember but it was another brand. The Rolex broke within a week. The other one lasted quite a long time until humidity seeped into it and the inside rusted. Definitely got what I paid for, which was very little. But my point is those were regular old battery powered watched with simple moving parts. A knock-off of a smart watch would be incredibly crappy on so many levels and would likely not be compatible with anything.

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If you want to waste money, buy a Chinese rip-off.

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Why buy Apple it's a generic over priced product sold to people who don't know tech specs yet claim they are experts

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In China there are many grades of counterfeit goods. Sure if you buy a B or C grade item it's really cheap and probably looks/works terrible, but a AAA item is much more expensive (yet cheaper than the real thing), looks/works like the real thing, and often has even more features than the real one it's copying. Even in China, you get what you pay for lol.

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Buy Chinese products. You've got to kidding!!!!

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My buddy in TX once showed me an SKS bck in '06. The darn thing jammed every 10-15 rounds & was stubborn to break dwn & re-assemble. Guess you can't ever half-ass a real Russian AK-47. . . . . But it was very-very cheap!

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Do you have to have a fake iPhone also to make it work as with the real iWatch?

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If you want to waste money, buy a Chinese rip-off. If you want to waste money, buy a Apple product

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Watches shown on Gearbest site are a lot cheaper around $20+, or more for bluetooth. And artistic design is better than Apple and there are WAY more choices. Don't know about quality, not in the market. Think I first saw the Gearbest click ad on JT.

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