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Chinese supercomputer world's fastest


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Maybe they could sell one to NSA to sift through all that data.

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Once again, China, a nation with the worlds' fastest supercomputer, should not be receiving a single cent, let along billions of dollars, of "developmental aid" from the U.N. or other nations like the U.S. and Japan.

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Of course its the fastest. What do you expect when all the tech to build it was stolen from the USA and other countries.

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China seems to be looking at being number one in everything except democracy.

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most of the Tianhe-2’s parts are developed in China, except for its main processors, which are designed by U.S. firm Intel. well basically the brains of the computer is not made by the Chinese but Intel. LOL one thing about CPUs they are very very difficult to copy which is why China hasnt done one of there own yet. LOL

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It's probably fake somehow, just like their GDP data. They probably didn't build a fast computer, just one that would do well on their "benchmarrk" test. In fact, all it's probably good for is passing benchmark tests.

And I wouldn't be surprised if the guys that design these benchmark "tests" are on the take as well.

Nobody's honest these days, especially governments.

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Jack SternJun. 18, 2013 - 09:37AM JST China seems to be looking at being number one in everything except democracy.

And that doesn't tell you something in and of itself?

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What really matters is what you do with it. Be interesting to see what Japan, China and the US are doing with those CPU cycles.

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Won't be number one for long.

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Processors made by intel USA. Then I have to say that china did nothing but spend money. Just like their Space mission with RUSSIAN Rockets.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

japan has a few supercomputers and all of them use Intel or other processors made in USA. Do you guys think that japan has also stolen other country's properties? What is the idi-ot logic?

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But will it connect to Google fiber and freedom of the internet?

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gaijintravellerJUN. 18, 2013 - 08:40AM JST Maybe they could sell one to NSA to sift through all that data.

The NSA doesn't put its computers up for testing and rarely gives away its inhouse developed tech. The NSA always seems like it has tech 10-15 years in advance of what is commercially available.

Well, there is a case where the NSA recently gave some out of dated satellite telescope mirrors to NASA, and those mirrors were supposed to be more advanced than what the NASA could produce.

I don't recall how many petaflops an older super computer the NSA was supposed to have a long time ago, wish I did now. NSA has always hired the best computer engineers by outbidding Intel and the like, and reportedly have the best computers.

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Is "Colossus, the Forbin Project" going to become real, instead of just a great movie? Just maybe super computers should actually direct the affairs of men, instead of greedy, corruptible mankind.

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And this will probably hole and sink any argument China makes against its alleged hacking of foreign systems and sites.

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A new race for supremacy - fastest computer a useful race now that the space race has proven useless, fastest car a folly and biggest SUV's foolhardy. God help us get China to start a Clean Air race to match their clean reactor Thorium systems and get the U.S. hooked on that instead of the fastest planes to kill us all?

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why china cannot be better, faster, or smarter. or any human or country can, Every nation will do their best to live in this competitive world right wrong?

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Yes China made the fastest SUPER Computer with brain and technology from US, Japan, and Germany, Parts from Korea, So it is made in China... Do not drop it please, handle with care. The plastics body are made in China 100%.

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Some say that China is not included in the realm of Democracies around the world, but when in the 1960's believed in Jim Crow and segregation; we were called Demoratic. There is still the stench of Racism in America where non-white people are still treated as second class citizens, and native people still live in poverty on the reservation system. In the 1924 the US enacted the Asian Exclusion Act limiting the immigration of Asians into the US. I think that it is great for Asia to be in the technological race. There are no supercomputers comming out of Africa and Latin America, so there are a lot of countries that can't even compet on this level of technological growth.

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