Chip labor: Robots replace waiters in Chinese restaurant

By Albee Zhang

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What will the robots do if you don't tip enough?

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Robots will make men obsolete.

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Loved the layered meanings of the headline... 'chip' labor... very clever! :) Just one question someone may be able to answer though - I thought that Japan usually used UK spelling for English, rather than US spelling? Am I wrong, is it just whatever the writer feels like or... what?

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In everyday use in Japan, it's whatever the writer is comfortable with I'm guessing, which is Engrish in a lot of cases :P

But in journalism, I think the majority of the international press sticks with US spelling.

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What will the robots do if you don't tip enough? most countries dont tip, if you paid your staff enough there wouldn't be the need for waiter/waitresses to grovel for change.

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Soon, we'll be seeing a whole bunch of 回転中華 chain restaurants in the Tokyo metro area.

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