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Chrome crowned top Internet browser by market tracker


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Chrome is heaps better than IE, im guessing its market dominance will mean the EU will take them to court for unfair trade practices. it being free and all!?

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Gates is probably saying, "'bout time, Google," lol

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Mooooo. Proof that advertising works. I hear that chrome is a nice browser. Chromium is the non-proprietary version and also a nice browser without all the built-in tracking.

Does nobody else think that installing a browser created by the largest advertising & internet tracking company in the world is a bad idea?

Seems that MSFT wants to mirror that business model based on their default privacy settings in Win10.

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@theFu no-one cares, simple as that. I am a full time university level computer science student, and both me and vast majority of my fellow students are just happy it's all free. More money to spend on video games, anime merchandise, and going to otaku conventions!

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The beef I have with Chrome is that it incorporates its own version of Adobe Flash so updating Flash does NOT update the one that Chrome uses.

IE was bound to be surpassed now that Microsoft no longer promotes it and instead promotes Edge. I'd say Google has won an anemic victory by overtaking an obsolete browser.

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NetMarketShare calculated the Chrome had 41.7 percent of desktop browser share in April, narrowly topping the 41.4 share for IE.

I was sort of surprised that IE was even on the list = for desktop maybe. Microsoft doesn't even really support IE and want people to use BING.

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chrome was the best.

chrome is today the slowest loading, greatest memory hog, brutal hard disk thrasher of all browsers. I hate depending on it, because I use gmail and it has the translator. if any other browser makes instant translation, without having to install 10th party extensions, i would gladly switch and kiss chromes ass goodbye

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Congrats to Google. They are the best.

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When was IE ever the best? Back in the dinosaur days of the Internet, maybe?

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