Clubhouse a sandbox for talking 'influencers'


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Influencer - (n) A task one does when one is incapable of normal gainful employment.

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And now for your weekly paid 'Clubhouse' advertisement......

Even the notion that "Influencers" have any sway whatsoever over another person is an advertisement in itself to promote "let unknown people make decisions for you" form of behavior acceptable.

I'm just glad that it's costing real money to promote this and a few disreputable people are wasting real time on developing it only to have the vast majority of people out there think it is utter trash, to the point where the creators need 50,000,000 fake accounts to make out like it's a success.

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How feeble-minded would you have to be to be influenced by an "influencer"?

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Just another social media for people to spend their time and energy.

And for some to become “influencers” or “gurus”.

Still wondering who the hell is actually influenced by these people.

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Influencers is just another term for advertisers

Steve Jobs was an influencer when he was advertising the iPhone on stage

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If you Google the "influencer" in the photo, you'll see that he/she/it is most famous for this article.

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Influencers is just another term for advertisers

The trick is that the people who call themselves influencers aren't influencing anybody. There are influencers out there, but they are generally known for something else.

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My greatest influencer is actually just myself. I motivate myself every day.

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