Coating protects smartphones under water


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My daughter dropped a brand new phone in the toilet. Could have used that coating.

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Sweet new. Idea! Go nihon! Please bring. It local to america please!!!!

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Very useful. I could have used this service a few years back before I left my phone in the pocket of a clothing piece and then put said clothing through the washing machine. Alas, its precious data is no more. I would pay for their safety net.

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Waterproof phones have been around for a while, although this coating is new.

What baffles me is why all phones were not made waterproof and efforts like this are so belated. The drowned phone story is as common as water!

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All phones aren't made waterproof because it would be expensive to produce and you would have limited choices in style. Which would lead to extreme prices for phones with little functionality and less of a variety. Which would boil down to low sales and lost profits.

Same thing goes for those Panasonic Toughbooks. The thought of a notebook PC that's rugged is nice, but it's ugly as sin, and it isn't very functional for what most people use their notebooks for. They also cost about $2000 to $3000 dollars as well.

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Stephen Jez: You are totally wrong on this one, making notebooks tough got nothing to do with it. In au's list-up of their new android smartphones, 5 out of 8 are waterproof. Not waterproof is the htc, motorola, and one of the sharp phones mainly because it is a slide-out model. And my favorite for now, Fujitsu Arrows Z is shockproof as well. With a thickness of 10.7 mm and 131 g, a 4.3 inch screen it's not different from all the other ones, not ugly at all! Going waterproof might by the biggest plus to give up my dumb-phone with it's cheap rates cause we got a little kid running around.

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@Stephen Jez

I would like to inform you that AU has had in it's cellphone lineup waterproof and shockproof phones for many years now.

And lately, even some Softbank and DoCoMo smartphones are waterproof.

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I have a USD600 handheld portable GPS device that's considerably larger than the average smartphone (4 inch monitor) and it is completely waterproof. It's also shockproof and can take a beating since it's designed to be taken along for the outdoor sports called "Geocaching" (high-tech treasure hunting sport/game). I would think smartphones with GPS's could use a good waterproofing treatment so as to avoid water damage should they get wet or soaked. So, the technology is there and has been for a while. Good job though!

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