Complaints on 'bendy' iPhone, software bugs dog Apple


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Of course we can start joking now about how apple copies the Galaxy Flex, or the soon to arrive Apple statement that people have to carry the phone in a different way.....but we don't, it would be like shot in front of open goal.

On a serious note, who in their right mind carries such a big phone in his pockets for 18 hours?

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I read in an article that there's a group of paid ¨customers¨ by rival companies to discover ¨weak¨points in iPhones, when they are not weak whatsoever. Of course Apple designed it thin, and of course an intelligent person would never use it in a way that is contrary to common-sense. But you will always find people complaining about the back material, the glass, and so on. There's a CNET article pointing that all big and thin smartphones are prone to bending, if the user forces them in an unnatural way. Smartphones were never meant to be resistant to a 85kg person sitting on it in a tight jeans. What's faulty here? The smartphone or the brainless user?

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Let the buyer's remorse begin.

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There is a pair of videos on Youtube of someone deliberately bending an iphone (fairly easily), and then following it up with an attempt to bend the Note 3. Despite an impressive flex and a bunch of noises, the Note 3 survived without bending. A second attempt which looked like the reviewer would break his thumbs resulted in an ever so slight warp, but nothing like what the iPhone did.

This is just like the antenna issue. Apple will announce that people are wearing the wrong clothes and will offer complimentary cargo pants/handbags (instead of the bumper cases that they provided for the signal problem) as compensation

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Hello Apple. Welcome to the situation Microsoft was in back in 1990s. User base growing, software complexity exploding, hardware platforms multiplying, expectations that can't be matched.

Smooth move adding a function-packed watch to all that. Good luck.

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Can you get any more defensive? Unfortunately for you, it's been tested and shown that the similarly sized cheaper Samsung phones/phablets don't bend, break or fail like these new iPhone 6s do under normal stresses/conditions, yes that's right, normal. You don't see anything ridiculous about expecting an iPhone user to always wear clothing that isn't tight fitting and has pockets other than pants pockets and/or carry a bag they can put their phone in? If that was Apple's intent, as you claim, then it basically excludes half of their iPhone customer base, which is pretty funny in itself. And here I thought you iSheep had been bleating all along about superior design and ease of use...

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Right you are USN. I can't see on a tiny middle school like iphone 4 or 5, so they finally come out with one made in Zhengzhuo with a big enough screen and it bends like a toy? I carry my 6 inch Samsung in my pocket all day every day and believe me it never bends. I would however like one of the new Samsung TVs that bend to 14 degrees to match the retina curvature of your eye, just like movie theater screens have for a long time now.

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Better get the ipants when they come out.

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most audacious response I saw on BBC

But Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the advisory service Davies Murphy Group, thought that Apple should take a different tack. "This is not an issue that Apple - or other phone companies - need to be compelled to respond to or fix. If anything this is a reflection of how people have started to use devices beyond what they were designed for ," he said.bent iPhone "Even the most recent smartphones are not designed to be put in trouser pockets - front or back - where they are going to be under the most chassis strain. And this just illustrates the fact that the public's desire for manufacturers to strive for ever thinner and lighter devices means that we are getting ever more fragile devices. "Just casually sticking a £700 smartphone in your pocket is an increasingly reckless thing to do."

Are you kidding me? seriously? ..seriously?? this clown "principal technology analyst" thinks putting a mobile phone in your pocket is reckless??? blimey.

Get your man bag out fellas, your pocket is not the place for your phone anymore.

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Apple designs products that people's activities have to conform to, not products that have to conform to people's activities.

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Doesn't a good iPhone case solve these problems. I have a nice case for my Samsung Galaxy Note II but the problem is that it makes the phone much thicker. Boy, do we have problems!

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Apple's PR mouthpiece CNN is now saying "only 9 ifone6s have been reported to have bent". So, CNN is part of Apple's PR network to keep the brainwashed sheeple from seeking greener grass. I think the number 9 will rise dramatically. Apple is in denial-mode.

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John, you've got the best username ever. It would seem to me that with 10 million bendy iphones shipped the only solution would be to add a strong case thus defeating it's purpose. Advantage: Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei. All big screens. None bendy.

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I just dropped by my friend's smartphone store. He is getting 3 to 5 orders, a day, of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Right now his lists of buyers have 60+ names on it, mine included. What's surprising is the number of people buying the 4S, he's selling five devices everyday, mostly to people trying iOS for the first time after experienciing other OS. I asked him if anyone commented on the ¨bending¨ thing, he said yes, his customers have, but they know it's not like it's being reported. It is only a bunch of mo**rons who are pushing it hard to make a case out of it.

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Has anyone here heard of, or seen a Japanese person with a 6+ yet? I have not seen one yet out in the wild, and every one of my iPhone devoted friends went for the 6, since the plus was just far too big.

Coming from a 4" phone to a 5.5" is really just a bit too much of an increase IMO. Android users had gotten used to 4.7-5" phones by the time Samsung released their Note (and even then it was a big change). And then you have the concerns about bending/warping (In the iPhone bend test video, the pro-iPhone reviewer actually admitted his 6+ was already a bit warped when he started)

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LostinNagoya, his eyes squeezed shut and his fingers in his ears, "Lalalala-Ican'thereyou-lalalala ..."

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USNinJapan2SEP. 26, 2014 - 09:33AM JST

LostinNagoya, his eyes squeezed shut and his fingers in his ears, "Lalalala-Ican'thereyou-lalalala ..."

What is the point of me retorting to guys like you? You hate Apple and make your statement in every Apple article. I don't care, really. Want call me shepple? Well, I am honored. For I buy every Apple device I can, they work great for me. What I care about is guys like my friend Clayton who opened his small smartphone store after his divorce, totally broke. And now he is doing a decent living out of trading iPhones and iPads, solely. That is what matters to me, and it's one of the reasons I admire Apple. If there's a second-hand iDevices market out there, it's a statement to Apple's quality.

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If there's a second-hand iDevices market out there, it's a statement to Apple's quality.

Heh, know friends who make a lot of money B2B trading PCs........ Hmmmm...............

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I wouldn't keep any mobile 'phone in a front trouser pocket. A mobile is a clever two-way radio which transmits regularly even when not in a call, all that RF next to your wedding tackle will not do you or it any good at all, don't do it.

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Carcharodon, that BBC article is the lamest excuse made for Apple I've ever heard. It only proves that only Apple can get away with this because so many media will defend Apple to death. If this was a Samsung phone that had bending problem, the tone everywhere would have been completely different.

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Heh, at least it doesn't suddenly catch on fire

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iPhone 5 is much stronger than iPhone 6. iPhone 5 was nearly as strong as Samsung Note 3 according to the Consumer Reports in the US.

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