Connected cars moving targets for hackers


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I would have thought this was obvious. In fact, in 2015 it was proven modern cars can be hacked, controlled and easily stolen.

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I say being back the 1964 Oldsmobile 442

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Look at that photo. What an exciting future we have designed and chosen for ourselves. Join the chain! Get taken for a ride.

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Why would we want a connected car? Disconnection is the answer. I can still go from point A to point B.

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Its a matter of when.

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cars are so easy to steal now days, especially if you have keyless entry, crims can have a chip reader, they take the signal that you key fob sends out to your car they read that signal and program there own key as soon as they walk up to your car it unlocks and starts as the car thinks its you, no smashing of glass, no ripping out, or hot wiring the car. work contractors are loosing multiple thousands of pounds worth of tool on a daily basis in the UK, even if you take your keys upstairs to your bedroom they can still steel your car, as you key fob is still sending out a signal, some people are now putting them in a metal tin.

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@Brian Wheway Scary stuff. Should car manufacturers be held accountable?

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@BBof C B yes, its a sad inditement when security has got worse although the general public think its got better!! most cars are stolen within 10 seconds, as for holding car manufactures accountable, well they will tel you that its better! HA! its not, if you want security, get a car with an old fashion key, it takes longer to get in and smash the locks or stealing locks, although its not full proof, it takes longer, so the crime know this so they target newer cars. the car manufacturers are aware of this, but they don't seem to be bothered, as they make money out of selling new cars to the insurance companies!!, vans are targeted by crooks, they "peal and steal " side doors on vans, if you get two big blokes pulling on the top edge of a side door, they are so thin they just bend open, so being able to hack into a computers ECU on a car, its just another way to steel cars, I suppose if you tell the ECU to open a door and disable the immobiliser there of with your new car!

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