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U.N. nuclear chief says radioactive waste recycling is 'difficult' technology

By Richard Valdmanis and Timothy Gardner

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There is a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Aomori but it is nearing capacity. The spent fuel is stored in dry casks and kept at the NPPs in purpose-built storage.

The ones at the Fukushima nuclear plant survived the earthquake and the tsunami without suffering any damage.

The greater problem is the nuclear waste from the Fukushima plant and the 20 or so other reactors which will be decommissioned.

There will be millions of tons of nuclear waste and no decision about storage.

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More reason not to go nuclear!

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Government of Japan cannot correct first policy even if they noticed that way is wrong because they prioritize their honor. And they increase damage or victim, nobody take responsibility

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Nuclear power and fuel re-processing are the future if man is serious about eliminating carbon fuels. No other non carbon power source is going to provide a reliable base load for a power grid.

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No, Fukushima is difficult responsibility.

Fukushima had nothing to do with recycling waste, in fact I don't think there has ever been an incident with nuclear waste that I can remember (happy to be corrected if I am wrong)

Most plants are already required to store waste securely and in an accessible fashion anyway, should the technology become available to recycle it in the future and use it in new reactors etc.

Whilst Fukushima was a tragedy and the after affects will linger for lifetimes, it was largely caused by poor safety standards and maintenance that was not properly enforced by the regulator and TEPCO, i suspect this is due to the appropriate hands being greased which is all to common in cronyistic Japanese goverment but that's another issue.

Ideally I would like to all the reactors in Japan updated to safer ones and where possible completely rebuilt or new SMRs built, however the goverment won't spend money on that as they are to busy inflating the currency to infinity buying yen and Japanese shares and keeping their buddies companies going.

The only way japan and much of the world will be able to keep electricity supply going whilst reducing carbon output is through nuclear, there is no other baseload option that will fulfill this need, you only need to look at the energy density argument for that. Germany's a great example of this, their wind and solar has not been a reliable baseload hence why they had a gas pipeline with Russia, not they are keeping their reactor powered on for this winter and burning coal....

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No, Fukushima is difficult responsibility.

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