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Start-ups aim to change car battery recycling and clean up world's most polluting industry

By Shivani Singh and Mayank Bhardwaj

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The next big problem that looms are the lithium-ion batteries that are proliferating in devices and vehicles everywhere. Recycling those should be an immediate priority.

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Lead is still used in ceramic glazes in Japan and comes in a form of a frit. That is why Japanese ceramic glazes are so beautiful, and used in high fire situations.

You do not want to use dinnerwear from third world countries that is low fired producing red, orange or yellow glazes. The lead can easily leach out into food with contact with tomatoes for example.

So the recycled lead will have other uses. Not sure if Japan still uses leaded paint however, but as Zichi says, all first world countries stopped that. Leaded glazes cannot be bought in America anymore.

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Sorry, the above was in response to Burning Bush. I often get you two and fizz-what's his name all mixed up!

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So all the California Greenies with Priuses are Telsa's are actually contributing to the world's most polluting industry.

What have they got to do with lead batteries? I know, science can be a difficult word for the right-wingers.

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So all the California Greenies with Priuses are Telsa's are actually contributing to the world's most polluting industry.

nope already been shown in numerous studies that EV vehicles produce less co2 over the life of the vehicle compared to ICE cars. around 3-4 yrs from states that use nulcear solar geo thermal power production around7=8 yrs from states that use fossil fuel power generators. electric vehilces dont require regular oil changes to stay functional

ice engines are only around 30=40% efficient compared to 80~90% for electric motors. then youve got the oil burnt to transport it from the fields more oil burnt to process the crude then more oil used to deliver it to gas stations. for every gallon of oil used less than 30% of its energy is actually used to move the cars. 70% is lost as heat in processing delivery and noise

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Hybrids have two batteries. The Larger Power cell that the Hybrid system uses. And normal battery to run start and ancillary items. If it goes flat. You need it jump started like any other car. However the Koreans in IONIQ and NIRO have a button that you can push so it jump starts the car, drawing power from the power cell to do so.

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To answer the question.

Tesla currently uses an NCA.

 NMC are common across the rest of the EV industry.

Now here is where the EV industry does it's best to hide facts.

NCA is often called Nickel Hydride except that is a little simplified and it is actually chemistry lithium-nickel-cobalt-aluminum 3 highly polluting metals to Extra and refine,

NMC again the abbreviation seems to leave out the first part lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt.

So while the old car batteries have lead in large amounts the new EV batteries contain 3 to 4 slightly less toxic heavy metals in far larger battery banks.

So the "cleaner" part is a bit of an illusion, like zero emission the power to recharge the batteries comes for some place often producing emissions.

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Does a Tesla have a 12V lead acid battery like an ordinary car with a petrol engine? Hybrids use one, they are still cars with petrol engines, but hybrid battery itself is nickel hydride (Toyota) or lithium ion (pretty much everyone else).

The "world's most polluting industry" clickbait title got me to read this, but it is an interesting story. Poor countries have it bad enough without people sending lead into the air or waterways.

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Burning BushToday 06:53 am JST

that has been identified as the world's most polluting industry.

So all the California Greenies with Priuses are Telsa's are actually contributing to the world's most polluting industry.


They do not use LEAD batteries. They use batteries similar to mobile phone battery technology.


Just normal cars, trucks and lorries use lead batteries for starting and lights.


Look inside a diesel or petrol (gas) car engine compartment and you will see the lead battery.


If you used lead batteries to power an electric car, you would not get far or fast.

Lead batteries can not hold the same charge level and they would be far heavier than the electric car batteries of the same size.

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