Cosmic rays causing 30,000 network malfunctions in Japan each year


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We really should be hardening systems now in anticipation of the next Carrington-like event.

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Events like the Carrington on in the 19th century are about Solar geomagnetic bursts far more dangerous than cosmic rays which are steady.

That solar even type could be catastrophic even if it cannot affect the whole surface of Earth normally.

We are warned but it seems that we are not prepared enough.

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This destructive effect of neutrons is usually a topic for all electronics with functional safety (aircrafts, cars, railways etc.), but it will be common for all electronics as microprocessors and data storage are getting smaller with every semiconductor improvement. However all these civil applications for most of us are not required to take care of radiation mitigations or at least a minimum of radiation tests to identify the risks involved. Looks like noone wants to be responsible.

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Ah, cosmic rays...that’s why I can’t install Keras and Tensorflow

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Better take care of that.

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You can't fool me. I've read Fantastic Four. I know cosmic rays give you super powers. This is just more propaganda from Big Super Villainy.

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Sorry Boss.. I was late today because Cosmic rays disrupted my internet clock connection!

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