Could video games bring NFTs to the masses?

By Yassine KHIRI and Katy LEE

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NFT is a scam like modern art.

It's all money laundering!

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NFT is a scam like modern art.

It's all money laundering!

Unless you've tried it, you're in no position to say such nonsense! What's your basis?

They said the same about Bitcoin too.

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It has potential but as a legitimate validation of ownership, it is hard prove the holder of the NFT would actually be the true owner. Anybody can create an NFT but it doesn’t mean they own the asset that was used to create it.

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If people haven't worked out by now that NFT's are a scam then good luck to them.

You do not get ownership to the thing you have an NFT on. You get ownership of the fact that you can say you own the thing you have an NFT on.

How is that worth anything?

Many artists have NFTs on their work that they neither profit from, nor know that those NFTs on their own artwork have even been sold.

It's a scam.

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Videogames have already popularized plenty of other things that have value only because of artificial scarcity, this would be just another of those things.

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Where did you get your source?

Was it a peer-reviewed paper?

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A game just tried it - and within a day, cancelled it after backlash from gamers

"The maker of a popular video game series is dropping plans for NFTs after outcry from fans"

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