Court bans sale of Word; Microsoft has fix ready


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Microsoft said it has “put the wheels in motion to remove this little-used feature”

Haha... wow, nice save there, Microsoft.

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Yeah: first steal it, then when caught, belittle it.

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I'm sure they have a fix ready and I'm sure the patch will scrog my PC.

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Uh, XML is plain text. A Canadian company has a patent on editing plain text? And since when do US courts (in Texas, even) have jurisdiction on Canadian patents?

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"The technology in question gives Word users an improved way to edit XML,"

Uh, ablestmage, that should clarify things. The technology is the code for conversion or editing, not for XML. And XML is not plain text. It is intended to be used, along with its tags, for display in other programs. The editor has value for people who can't use, say, WordPad, or some other program. I think that is all pretty clear from the article.

I would agree that the feature is not used much. Unfortunately, it would be useful for conversion of OFFICEORG documents and other documents created by third parties. So Microsoft is happy to comply.

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I would prefer it if Microsoft just fixed Word so that it doesn't automatically do 100 things that most people don't want it to do. I hate always changing the presets.


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i like windows7, but hate MSoffice all version to the bone! i go with openoffice by sun. Linux, Windows, will just work! and it free.

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Use the OpenOffice people... I always have hard time understanding any IT manager in smallish companies justifying payments of up to 1000 USD/workstation just so that someone can write simple Word files and save them as PDFs.

OpenOffice does this (and much more) for free, and without any break of patents or code-stealing. It is hard to understand why isn't used more, except people's laziness as a big factor...

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regarding this case, for once i'm on microsoft's side

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