Daihatsu develops new driving assistance system using stereo camera

By Takashi Takada

Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd says it has developed a new driving assistance system.

The system, "Smart Assist III," is used in the partially-remodeled "Tanto" light car, which went on sale on Nov 30.

The company's previous driving assistance system, "Smart Assist II," uses a monocular camera and a laser radar device to monitor objects in front of the vehicle and avoids vehicle-to-vehicle collisions with its automatic emergency braking function. On the other hand, the new system enables to avoid not only vehicle-to-vehicle collisions but also vehicle-to-pedestrian collisions by using only a stereo camera.

As a result, the Smart Assist III can pass the vehicle-to-pedestrian collision avoidance test of the "NCAP (New Car Assessment Program)" in Japan, Europe, etc. The collision avoidance function can be used when the vehicle's relative speed to the pedestrian is 4-30km/h (approx 2.5-18.6mph). When the relative speed is 30-50km/h, it reduces damage from the collision.

The stereo camera of the new system is manufactured by Denso Corp. The distance between its right and left lenses is 80mm. In the case of other companies' systems using the stereo camera, the distance is 350mm for Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) Ltd's "Eyesight" and 160mm for Suzuki Motor Corp's "Dual Camera Brake Support." Because the size of the camera can be reduced, it can be easily used for cars smaller than the Tanto such as the "Mira e:S," Daihatsu said.

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Shhhh. Don't tell anyone, but the people who are going to do auto driving RIGHT are not at GOOGLE, UBER, APPLE, or TESLA. The folks at Toyota, who own Daihatsu, are dominating. Slowly, slowly, they will show themselves to be the most impressive and least risky. But. Don't. Tell. Anyone. It is our secret.

PS. Note how they say "assist" and avoid stupid headline grabbing silliness like AUTO PILOT and SMART DRIVER and other nonsense. These people are professionals.

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This is a remarkable advance in vehicle technology, and will probably save many lives when adopted in all forms of vehicles, from drunk drivers making mistakes to genuine miscalculations. Hats off to Japanese technicians

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Perhaps J Gov can give rebates to older drivers purchasing these cars. Beats ramen vouchers.

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