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Decluttering guru Kondo now has an app for tidying up

By Sachi Jenkins

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Now there's a way to become rich and famous I'll bet nobody ever thought was possible...

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I downloaded and checked out the app but i doubt its anything like her book, just people posting picture of how they cleaned up their rooms. Something a 3 year old can do. I was expecting tips and tricks in the app from Kondo herself.

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I find it ironic that a young Japanese woman is lecturing the world on decluttering. My Japanese girlfriends had the most cluttered living spaces I'd ever seen in my life. Stuff piled up to the rafters, clothes hanging in the shower, etc.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

Saw this woman on tv a couple of times. Something scares me about her.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

I have never, ever, once, been in a Japanese home that has not been cluttered. Two decades plus, and many homes visited.

The idea of the single flower adorning the temple wall is something that seems to exist in fantasy, and people buy into that. Literally.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

I SERIOUSLY agree with all the above posters. Clutter is everywhere in Japan. I have rarely been in an office or house that wasn't so. Just another case of people outside Japan only receiving the pretty fluff that they choose to put out. The hors doeuvres are much better than the main course. Omotenashi is a prime example. Once again, Japan in a nutshell.

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I couldn't believe how much clutter my future ex-wife had when she was my girlfriend. Now, the clutter is "important stuff" that she hasn't moved or used in over a decade. An American friend read Kondo's book and found it racist, among other things. And I agree with others, never been in a Japanese family's house that wasn't floor-to-ceiling cluttered. Except one, of a very rich person who kept his clutter in another part of the house; the guest area was very "Japanesey"

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I've been in a number of homes in Japan, and seen inside many more on (Japanese) TV, and almost invariably they are beyond cluttered. The first couple of times I saw it I was shocked and thought it was just this particular person - are they a hoarder? But no, it soon became a recurring theme. I understand that space is limited, but it goes beyond that; there's crap piled everywhere, crap on top of crap, junk in between the crap, you can barely move in some places without almost knocking over a tower of decades-old junk.

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Husband and I just spent over 100man 'decluttering' the in-laws home after the MIL spent the last two decades letting it get overrun with 'clutter'.

Whoever first pushed this idea that the Japanese have a culture of minimalism needs to be given Thorazine.

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Now she should find some investors and compete with AKEA.

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