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Deregulation at heart of Japan's new robotics revolution

By Sophie Knight and Kaori Kaneko

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I have to compete with a robot to be a nurse?

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Do nurses regularly do neurosurgery?

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I am very excited to learn that Japan is very serious about this. Da Vinci Sunnyvale is doing great, but Japan can do it better.

Japanese medical teams have an important job to do.


US medical surgeons are not catching up with changes Da Vinci technology. You will be shocked to learn many complications in surgery are occurring everyday.

US medical journals warnings surgeons precision skills and experience are the MUST. Otherwise, we are just developing a KILLING SURGERY MACHINE.

Hope you can come up with CT scan without any radiation that is very needed today in medicine.

Good luck to you, Japan!!

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In the race for robotics it used to be pushed by the big three auto makers, but now it is the US military that is the motor force behind the upsurge in robotics. In the day to day lives of most Americans robots plays absolutely no role in peoples consciousness. Robots may play a role in the surgical arena in some hospitals, who are able to afford it, but the day to day patient care is still handled by humans. I think that it would be several generations till we reach the epoch of Star Wars, where robots a as common as autos; unless t hey are able to mass produce them like computers. So far no company has the ability to mass produce robots; or even buy a robot as a kit as in the early days of computers. What the robot industry need is a Steve Jobs of robots.

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