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Do 'mechanical trees' offer the cure for climate change?

By Sebastien Malo

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The companies compress the high-concentration CO2 they capture and then can sell it for use in industrial applications, including making drinks fizzy

Well that’s a BIG help. Not. One Burp and it’s back in the atmosphere!

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One Burp and it’s back in the atmosphere!

True, but as it came from the atmosphere in the first place and not from a different source such as fossil fuels, it won't make things worse.

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Just plant trees people

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I might help is the USA moved away from the thought of owning a SUV or 4x4 vehicles, that have abysmal mpg! in the UK and Europe we have clean burning engines euro 4 and 5, What is Euro 4 for diesel cars and what Euro emission standard is ...https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/.../euro-4-diesel-cars-emission-standard-how-to-check/ I am sure Japan, England, Europe, has the technology, why can't the USA adopt this Teck? why use these old polluting engines?

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If someone has found a way to make a profit by taking CO2 out of the air, and then selling it, then I for one say, Bravo!

The Tesla solar-panel application on my phone tells me how many tons of CO2 I have avoided adding to the air by making my own electricity. Seems to me that there is a lot more that remains to be done in the realm of producing clean energy.

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That is enough to suck up nearly 8,000 cars worth of emissions per year of CO2.

Great - but why don’t we just discourage driving?

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yokohamaridesMay 5 09:46 pm JST

That is enough to suck up nearly 8,000 cars worth of emissions per year of CO2.

Great - but why don’t we just discourage driving?

May work better in some places than others. I used to drive anywhere from an hour to 3 hours to get to work. I also had a full sized truck that I needed for my job. Public transit wasn't available, nor was it an option. As soon as that job ended I sold the truck and bought a compact SUV which just about got me double the mpg I had with the truck. I still had a long commute with no public transportation available though.

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Ramses68 - What percentage of car trips are within easy biking distance - 7kms or less? In the US and Australia it’s more than 50%.

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Do 'mechanical trees' offer the cure for climate change?

No, because there is no single cure and it is foolish to expect one.

What there are are many things that can be done, just two of which are driving less as yokohamarides suggests or driving more economical cars as ramses adds. Like all huge problems, what you do is slice it into achievable chunks and then work towards realizing each one.

What we are getting instead is ignore the problem for 30 years. Discredit the data too, thanks to people like the Koch brothers. I suspect the next approach will be to claim its too late, so we might as well keep flying, keep eating big steaks, and keep driving oversized cars because we are screwed anyway.

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12 more years, people.

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The more the merrier, I reckon. Suck it up and then decide what to do with it. Real trees breathe it in, sure, so let’s plant more at the same time.


Every little effort helps, just like each small shellfish helping to purify the enormous waters of Tokyo Bay with each tide.

As to the 7,750 ‘vehicles’, what are they talking about, I wonder, light gasoline-engined trucks for example?

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This is a ridiculous, Rube Goldberg solution.

Real trees are the answer.

What world we live in when doing things the hard and unnecessary way is rewarded.

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