DoCoMo achieves top ranking in business customer satisfaction for mobile phone, PHS services


Business customers are more satisfied with mobile phone or PHS services from NTT DoCoMo than any other provider - the third consecutive year DoCoMo has achieved this top ranking - according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2009-2011 Japan Business Mobile Phone Service Studies SM.

Four factors were examined to determine overall satisfaction: responsiveness of the sales contact, service content, service quality and cost.

During the past year, DoCoMo enhanced its service menu for smartphones and tablet handsets by adding new cloud-based and security services, and also deployed an extra-high-speed, next-generation LTE service, Xi, among many other achievements.

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Best phones and best coverage in JAPAN, leaves softbank and iphone way behind.

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Docomo phones don't even come close to measuring up to iPhone. They DO have better coverage though, to be sure. Anyway, it needs to be emphasized that this is limited to business customers, who use such phones for little more than making/taking calls and sending simple text messages. So, yeah, if you want simplicity and use a handset for only the most basic functions, I can see it.

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iPhones are much better.

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Most business users would not need an iPhone, or a DoCoMo Smart Phone.

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iPhones would be much better if they had been from DoCoMo.

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Docomo samsung galaxy S2 is miles ahead of iphone, best phone best network Hands Down Proven Fact !

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docomo blows softbank away on coverage and customer service. half the staff at softbank have no clue how to help you and some of them are downright rude. the phone is barely making me stay with softbank. iphone 4 totally sucks!

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the iphone is barely making me stay with softbank.

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kaketama: "iPhones would be much better if they had been from DoCoMo."

Actually, they would still be iPhones. Nothing would change except perhaps coverage. I bet you the 'packet houdai' plan would not have been offered had Docomo taken up Apple's offer first instead of turning it down.

bentheredonthat: "half the staff at softbank have no clue how to help you and some of them are downright rude."

That's not limited to Softbank. All mobile phone companies hire people who have no expertise or knowledge in the field, and yes, people who are rude to boot. Other areas of service they might be better or worse -- I don't know.

Once again, though, the idea that Docomo is superior overall is limited to business customers in this article, who use a cell phone for its most basic purposes. If you did an overall poll of everyone (impossible, but still), I'm quite sure iPhone would come out on top in terms of product, and Softbank would fend better than it appears to here given its the carrier for iPhone and they sell the iPad as well.

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Galaxy S2 is unlocked for a start, how could iphone be better, pull your cranium out of your anal cavity

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I like Docomo but when on earth are they going to offer the LATEST Blackberry products. They are still advertising a 4 year old phone as "New". Very, very late! I want the latest and newest Blackberry and can't get it! So slow!

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Tom DeMicke,

Let's first see if Blackberry and RIM are still around in 2 years after their recent debacles....

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Frankly, while I use the iPhone for the US and EU areas, in Japan, I prefer the SE Acro since I have the benefit of using the Mobile Suica and watching one segs on the train. Also, much better viewscreen and camera functions in any of the DoCoMo androids. The camera in the iPhone must have been an afterthought.

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