Docomo and McDonald's to partner in offering benefits to mutual customers


NTT Docomo and McDonald's Japan Co have jointly announced a partnership to offer discounts and other benefits to more than 54 million members of Docomo's "d POINT CLUB" and McDonald's customers at most of its 3,000 locations nationwide. By offering customers enhanced convenience, the two companies said they expect to stimulate reciprocal business and mutually enhance their corporate values.

From Dec 1 to March 31, 2016, customers at McDonald's who pay via Docomo's iD mobile payment platform with a d card, d card gold, d card mini, DCMX or DCMX gold will receive a 3% discount on the purchase when settling their monthly bill. Docomo and McDonald's expect to announce other reciprocal customer benefits that will launch after April 1, 2016.

Also starting from Dec 1, customers will be able to accumulate and redeem loyalty points by simply presenting their d card, d card gold or d point card at a cashier at some 100 McDonald's locations in Tokyo. One d point, worth one yen, will be accumulated for every 100 yen spent, even for payments in cash. The points can be redeemed for purchases at McDonald's or other participating retailers. Also, Docomo subscribers can use the points when settling their monthly Docomo bills or paying for new devices, online content or various Docomo services. Participating locations will be expanded gradually.

Furthermore, customers at McDonald's will receive an additional 1% credit point for paying with any Docomo's credit cards, including d card, d card gold, DCMX or DCMX GOLD, or 0.5% for paying with a d card mininotice. As a result, McDonald's customers who make iD mobile payments with any Docomo's credit cards will receive a total benefit of up to 5%. Moreover, as a special promotion from Dec 1 to 31, the benefit will rise to up to 8% for iD payments made with any Docomo's credit cards.

Docomo and McDonald's Japan plan to implement additional initiatives under their new partnership, such as distributing d point Cards at McDonald's restaurants and Docomo shops to attract new d point Club members.

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Leave Japan, McDonald's. Do it NOW...!!!

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McDonald's still trying to win back customers with yet another gimmick, how about decent food that might do it.

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Watching Docomo year on year is akin to a train crash in slow motion. No one wants your iMode 2.0 services, guys.

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Sounds like a good deal until you realise that Docomo is usually a bit more expensive than other companies. I recently switched to Au and my bill is ¥1000 cheaper. So at 3%, I'd have to eat at McDonald's around 42 times per month just to break even with Docomo.

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So along with the incredible stress one gets in a Docomo shop (which is like going to a Japanese bank) now we get a high cholesterol peddling partner to make our lives even shorter. Great move guys!

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One d point, worth one yen, will be accumulated for every 100 yen spent, even for payments in cash. DOCOMO subscribers can use the points when settling their monthly DOCOMO bills

Docomo customers will be easy to spot

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