Docomo develops world’s first small-cell base station for 3G and LTE


NTT Docomo says it has developed the world’s first dual-mode small-cell base station, or femtocell, supporting 3G (W-CDMA) and LTE simultaneously for improved service coverage in indoor locations such as offices, shops and homes. The dual-mode femtocell will be commercially launched from December.

Docomo’s new femtocell, which weighs only 0.7 kg and measures just 18.5cm by 17.5 cm by 4.5 cm (H x W x T), provides 3G/LTE service coverage in a range of up to several tens of meters, depending on actual conditions. Its plug-and-play function automatically configures itself to the surrounding radio environment, enabling users to quickly enjoy wider, higher-quality and more cost-effective coverage simply by connecting the femtocell to a broadband fixed line.

Docomo has been marketing 3G femtocells for improved indoor coverage since 2007. With the new dual-mode 3G/LTE femtocell, Docomo looks forward to providing enhanced indoor environments for voice and data mobile communication via its FOMA 3G and Xi LTE services.

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Thanks, Docomo. Now there goes the rest of the last few refuges that insulated me from 100 million cell phone idiots. Nothing to do now but lock myself in my house, I guess.

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Except that, the purpose of a femtocell is to provide cellphone service in bad indoor locations. Like, inside a house. The type you lock yourself in.

I wish I would have had this at my last apt. I got absolutely zero cellphone reception inside, except near the glass sliding door. You literally had to be leaning on it to get reception. Seeing as my cellphone is my only phone, not that good. I pretty much had zero private calls, cause I had to be outside to make the calls. I couldn't get 2G/3G/4G reception.

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The best coverage just got better, shame the docomo doesnt have the best prices.

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I don't own a cellphone, smartphone, or tablet, and my life is simpler and better because of it.

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