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Docomo to begin selling Samsung GALAXY Tab on Nov 26


NTT Docomo announced Monday that it will begin selling a Japanese-market version of Samsung Electronics Co's GALAXY Tab smart media device nationwide in Japan on Friday.

The GALAXY Tab provides an all-new way to experience Internet browsing on the go. The large 7-inch screen allows full Flash-compatible browsing and displays images in PC-quality 600 x 1,024-pixel resolution. It is an exceptionally portable tablet device that can be held easily in one hand, measuring just 12.1 mm in thickness and weighing only 382 grams.

The device is compatible with an e-book distribution service that Docomo is currently providing on a trial basis. Powered by the Android 2.2 operating system, the GALAXY Tab is also compatible with a large variety of applications available at the “docomo market” mobile portal, as well as Android Market and Samsung Apps. The GALAXY Tab supports Docomo’s sp-mode service, which enables smartphones to access i-mode email accounts.

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Price is 47000 yen, I just bought one - its sweet. (most top line J-feature phones are 60,000yen and most android phones are 20,000- 40,000 at the moment) Skype is blocked on the market in Japan - no worries just go to the net and get a skype APK and install externally. Most reviews that trashed it were Apple fans, plenty of good reviews out there too. When android 3 comes out - I will upgrade. So far I am extremely impressed. Just need a jawbone or similar top line bluetooth earpiece and I am set.

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Most of the reviews for this are not good. Android is still not yet optimised for tablets like this: wait for Android 3.

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I keep hoping the rumours about the next iPad being this size are true. I'll buy it for sure if it's between the current iPhone & iPad size.

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How Much!?

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This is targeting a different market to the iPad, they are in different classes. This is more an oversized phone than a tablet like the Ipad.

It's smaller, pocketable, half the weight, is a phone, has front and rear cameras.

Indeed what is the price...?

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I've tested it by sorry I still like and keep my iPad much much better!

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Nice little tab, but a little small.

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